Alcohol Licenses Required Forms/Documents

AB-200 Alcohol Beverage License Application
AB-100 Alcohol Beverage Individual Questionnaire (for individual applicants)
AB-101 Alcohol Beverage Appointment of Agent (for corporations, nonprofit organizations, and LLC applicants)
Certificate of completion of a Wisconsin approved responsible beverage server training course* (within the past two years)
Copy of current Wisconsin Sellers Permit

*New licenses

Department of Revenue Forms

Please note that in order for the fill-in forms to work properly, you must have Adobe Reader software on your computer (which is free to install). Click the link below to be directed to the Department of Revenue website.

Related Forms

Operator’s (Bartender’s) License Renewal Form
Operator’s (Bartender’s) License Application

Electronic Amusement Game & Device License Application

CTV-100 Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device Retail License Application
CTV-101 Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device License – Individual Questionnaire
CTV-102 Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device Appointment of Agent

Alcohol Licensing & Related Fees

Class A – Beer $50.00
Class B – Beer $100.00
Class A – Liquor $125.00
Class B – Liquor $200.00
Class C – Wine $100.00
Temporary license $10.00
Publication of application $50.00
Operator’s license $25.00
Cigarette and tobacco products license $20.00
Electronic amusement games and devices $10.00 per device

Make checks payable to “City of Sheboygan Falls”